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Mandi: Owner, Plant Lover
Do you know how many plants I've killed? Lots. Like every plant I'd ever owned from birth until 2017. Thankfully I learned how to treat them (like a living thing not an accessory!) and my collection has reached jungle status. That's why I started Happy Happy Houseplant, because I know how overwhelming plant care can be. So we're going to be besties, and our plants can get married when they get older and we can be plant grannies. Deal?

I also love DIY projects, my family (most of the time!) and candy of all kinds.

Favorite Plant: Rubber Plant, but I also really love Hoya and Pothos.

Least Favorite Plant: Gah. I would say Ferns but only because I live in the desert and they are impossible. But based on just plants I dont love, I would say a Peace Lily.

Favorite Thing: The obvious answer is buying new plants, and also the correct answer. Final answer.

Mackenna: Head of Growth
I ran a houseplant shop in Riverside, CA for 4 years called Piep! I love plants, but more than that, I love plant people! And, fortunately for Mandi, I also really love the boring parts of business, like spreadsheets and schedules!

Favorite Plant: Pilea peperomioides! My husband and I started growing them commercially way back in 2016, before they were available pretty much anywhere outside of Europe!

Least Favorite Plant: Maiden Hair Ferns. 100%. I hated stocking them in my shop because they were almost impossible to keep alive!

Favorite Thing: Other than spreadsheets and schedules, probably also...buying new plants!

Court: Owner, Shipping and Handling Guru

Mel: Creative Director

Lindsey: Customer Service

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