Plant Food 101

What is it?

Plant Food is a dream fertilizer for your houseplants!

Science that feels like Magic

Plant Food contains ALL 16 macro and micro nutrients that your plants need to absolutely thrive! (most fertilizers only contain 3-8 of the essential nutrients!)

A little bit, every time you water!

Frequency is one of the best features of Plant Food! It's formulated to be used every time you water your plants! It's a constant supply of nutrients, AND it's easy to remember!


Regular watering: 1ml/gallon of water

Propagating: 25ml/gallon of water

How long will it last?

You've heard the term small but mighty. It was written for Plant Food! These little jugs will fill the amber apothecary dropper twice, and with an average of 20 houseplants, last 6-9 months!

Which Plants?

You can use Plant Food on almost all houseplants! We don't recommend using it on succulents or cacti (it can boost their growth and make them leggy!) You can also use it on outdoor plants, veggies and flowers!

How long until I see results?

Every plant is different, and growth depends on a variety of conditions. Some people see results in a week, but we love the 6 week mark. New growth, greener leaves, happier plants!!