Repotting 101

Let’s repot!

I feel like repotting is one of those basic plant parent skills that can leave you scratching your head. That's why I'm going to walk you through a step-by-step of how to repot. Let's dive in!



1. Check the roots

These are huge and need more space to grow!


2. Size up one planter size

For this plant I went from 6 to 8 inches.


3. Fill the bottom of planter

Use some new potting soil!


4. Place the old planter inside

Fill the space around it with soil.


5. Pull the planter out and voila!

The perfect size hole for your root ball.


6. Loosen the roots

This will promote spreading and new growth.


7. Plant it and fill with soil

Fill up all of those remaining spaces with fresh soil.


8. Trim off the yellowed leaves

It's going to look so good!


9. Water with Plant Food

It's going to make it THRIVE!